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Well what can I say? Your largest possession in the world is on the line and you need proper representation. You need someone who you can trust, someone

who can negotiate and

fight hard on your

behalf, someone who

is transparent, and truly

knows what the value

of properties are worth....especially your property. Am I that person? I can say with all confidence, that yes I am.

                                         The services I provide                                            is in my sellers guide                                             and I feel very justified                                           in saying that though                                             many agents do the                                               same things, I go the extra steps to make sure that you sell your property for the highest value possible. I must earn my income, and earn your trust and respect.

Interested in a no obligation evaluation of your home? Think about it. And guess don't even have to talk to me, but you do have to provide specific information to give you a

precise evaluation.


Though the process

can be an extremely

stressful situation, it

can be mitigated by

having great upfront

transparent systems in place. That's what this website is all about. I don't get people to subscribe and register to capture their information to share what I do.

Quick tip for you sellers. Ever wonder how the

municipality calculates the MPAC fees for your home? It is a mystery to most property owners. Simply go to to see how.

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Click to view my sellers guide.

When you become a client, you

also get a book to read to further educate yourself on the process.  

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