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sellers guide

There are many steps to the selling

process. Below we have the majority, if not all of the benefits I offer and all of the steps in a visual roadmap of the selling process timeline that we will sell your home through.


Do yourself the favor, preview and learn

about the documents that are included

in the sales transaction.

They are posted below.

Skip to them from here if you like.

Feel free to download our RE/MAX Home

Selling Guide


Services Offered.

Scroll right/left to see the majority of offered services. Click on each item to open for more details than provided here or go to services section on home page.

Hope to speak soon!

Selling Timeline

Scroll right/left. Make notes if more details

are needed. Hope to speak soon!

Seller transaction pdf documents

form 200

form 208

form 244

form 810

pdf documents
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