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For the buyers, we work diligently on being educated on the market as a whole generally and definitely drill down on specific neighbourhoods as needed to be known for our clients. There is no fee for my service as a buyer representative. I

work very hard on

being aware of the

current homes for sale

and the recent solds in

particular areas when

my clients want and like a particular home to offer on.

I have sharpened my negotiating skills over the years to make sure my clients never overpay and are extremely happy with the home that they purchase.

                                         I always hope to forge                                           a long term friend                                                 relationship with my                                               clients because I                                                     always feel that if you                                             work with your friends, you're more than likely to make sure that they will be happy. I hope you and I can make that journey together someday.

You can get further in depth details on the buying process from my home buyer's guide.

Thinking about buying a condo as an option?

Then review the Ontario’s Residential

Condominium Buyers’ Guide. The

guide provides useful information for consumers buying a new or

pre-construction condo. It helps buyers navigate the condo purchasing process.

Business People at a Lobby
Family Video Call

Click to view my buyers guide.

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