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off mls listings


An off-market property is a home

that is not listed on the MLS. Both

buyers and sellers often think that

an off-market property provides a

more “exclusive” transaction.

With Right at Home Realty

being a premier brokerage we are

made privy to many properties that

are either coming soon or are

exclusive listings that are not on the MLS.

As a buyer, if there is a

property that may meet your

criteria, we can inform you

of that. As a seller, is an off-

market sale best for you?



Before that can happen,

let's review the pros and

cons for both buyers and sellers before you move forward with an off-market home.

Seller Advantages:

1. Test market your home and price before it hits the market.

2. Avoid the ticking clock of “days on market” since your home is not officially listed on the MLS.

3. Maintain more control in the selling process.

4. Avoid the hassle of time and costs to prepare your home for open houses and multiple showings.

5. Avoid the MLS limelight and have a more low key approach if you want privacy.

6. Sell your home discreetly and more simply if you face a divorce, an estate sale due to death, or another reason for a forced sale.

Seller Disadvantages:

1. Fewer buyers mean less competition for      your home. 

2. Potentially a lower price than what the  market might bear.

Buyer Advantages:

1. Access to homes not on the MLS.

2. Less competition from other buyers means you could get at deal. 

3. More time to make big decisions.

4. Announce your specific buying objectives to home sellers (even those who have not yet officially decided to sell). 

5. Avoid looking at tons of homes and the      crush of buyers at open houses.

Buyer Disadvantages:

1. You never know what price the home will get on the open market.

Find off-market listings on my off-market page.

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