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about etienne


Hi, I'm Etienne, pronounced (et-t-n). I have been involved in the sales and service industry for a long time prior to this real estate career. I had a brick and mortar retail business for many years, and was able to keep amicable relationships with former clients to this day 20+ years later.


It has taught me the importance of solving a client's (WIFM)…(what’s in it for me).

Having had those experiences and having bought and sold property etc. prompted my realtor to suggest to me that I should become an agent. 

He thought I had all of the skills and abilities to be an agent that people could trust and rely 

on. I have been doing that for the last 15(+) years. I previously worked with the Al Sinclair team for a few years and took all of the knowledge I gained from there (it is a high volume team) and moved on with that knowledge to further expand my services to be even better than what the team offers.

You can get some testimonial

opinions on me below. I'm grateful

for the kind words from former clients.

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