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The ve'ahavta organization

gives clothing and food to the

gta homeless and needy. I

I pick it up directly from your

place. I volunteer with them. I

, unfortunately, cannot go out

and hand-deliver clothing and food as I used to before due to Covid restrictions. So this is how i still participate.

Why this organization?

The simplest reason is that they don't resell the clothes. No dumpster bins to fill or reselling at value villages, diabetes association or overseas, etc. It gets to the people that need it most.

Do you have any items that you could donate to the homeless?


If you're on this page then I probably know you and told you about it. That being said, I hope that we can accomplish 2 things at the same time.

1. We donate our items, time, or efforts.

2. Take a moment to simply socially interact

during our unusual times in the world.

See the list below for acceptable items and how we can connect via any of the platforms below.



facebook messenger.png






call or text

download our list of accepted items


**please note** please only donate items on the list. makes volunteers' lives much easier to sort and give out.

Donation Calendar

If you have made it this far then believe me I'm grateful that you've given me the time and consideration. Not obligatory but I do offer a thank you to all of you.

Nothing complicated. It is a

thank you card...basically a

a discount card that you can

use at a variety of business

large and small in the gta

I want to help small businesses (being a former small business owner) and this card is a great tool for them to advertise themselves to bring customers in.

You'll either get the card when I see you or it will be sent in the mail to the mailing address of your choice.

Corporate_Club Card.png

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