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open houses


We do open houses for all of

our new listings. Just to be

clear open houses are optional

and always have been. The

purposes of open houses are

certainly to show your home to

the general public that can't

get to a house during the work

week. It also is certainly a good opportunity for the potential buyer that doesn't have an agent that can show them the property.

We advertise our open

house dates on the

MLS, our Right at

Home Realty brokerage

website, my website,

various websites and social media as well. Signs are posted at intersections leading to the property. Invitations are handed out to the immediate area residents. With the right property and scenario, I will do a neighbours only open house. To be honest it can really be there for the neighbours to get an early jump                                             on viewing the                                                       property before the                                               weekend to let any                                                 other people know                                                 about it. Key                                                           word...early.

The hidden truth is that quite frankly open houses are good for the agent as well. It gives me the opportunity to meet other possible sellers (your neighbours) and meet the potential buyers, whether they want to buy that current listing or not. It's a fact so that is something to consider when opting to have open houses for your property.


Some do but most

homes don't sell via an

open house and that's

a fact that needs to be

mentioned. I've already

listed the pros for you

the home seller and me the realtor, but what's the cons?

Very simple, a disruption to your lifestyle by having to leave the house every weekend for the open house, keeping the house in pristine condition etc.

                                  What I do is collect the                                          information of visitors that                                    come through your home                                      for security purposes and                                      also follow up with them to                              get valuable feedback so                                      we know what people                                            think about your property.

After every open house, I also send an email and text message to the information left with an open house website link.

The home seller gets a follow-up with feedback given to them as well. This is very very important feedback to find out what people think about their home and to adjust

accordingly whether it be

pricing or home decor

etc. etc.

After seeing many homes

during the afternoon, it's

easy for buyers to

confuse one home with

the other so the email and text is a gentle reminder (with a  link like the sample below included) about your property and why they should consider it.


Click on  Link Below

Click on Sample Link Below

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