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home & condo leasing

Leasing rates are at an all-time

high and I see no chance of it

going back to the "good ole

days" of it being reasonable

and realistic. That being said,

I assist both the renters as

needed and landlords too.


To the right I have attached

sample lease documents so

both parties can be informed

of the process earlier than



Get ahead of the curve, minimize surprises and be ready for that great unit when you find it because it is very competitive out there. 

Standard Documents required by landlords

listed below:

Rental Application

Government Issued Photo Id

Two Recent Paystubs or

Job Letter

Full Credit Score Report:

Get score below from the 2 most popular options

( or

Any questions, just request the digital copy

to be sent to you to easily be filled out online

or on your mobile device via docusign.

For  your own edification,

free to learn all that you

can from the Landlord and 

Tenant Board link.

landlord tenant logo.jpg






Here is a great resource for Landlords and Tenants alike to protect both parties from each other.

"Landlords and Tenants are frustrated that the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII) does not upload orders issued by the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) Adjudicators onto their site in a timely fashion, sometimes never at all. This results in the parties who are in the wrong to continuously harm their next victims without any repercussions. That is NOT justice."

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