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home inspection


We do offer to do a pre-listing

home inspection before listing

your home for sale. Why? Let's

explore that. I’m going to tell

you that there are more good

reasons for having an

inspection than not.

As a seller, you know

that buyers are going

to need to have a

home inspection

conducted before

they agree to purchase

the property so why not beat them to it?

Getting a pre-listing home inspection offers some advantages to sellers that you may not be aware of. The biggest, of course, finding out the exact condition of the property.

To help you determine whether a pre-listing inspection is right for you, consider the pros and cons.

pros for having an inspection:

1. You find out what condition your home is in.

2. Pricing the home accurately is much easier.

3. Minimize stress.

4. You can make repairs.

5. Less likelihood of negotiations.

6. Help improve the buyer’s confidence.

7. It makes my realtor job easier:).

cons for having an inspection:

1. You will have to pay for the pre-listing inspection.**

2. Disclosure laws may require you to disclose any issues.

3. There will be two inspections of your home.

for most sellers a pre-listing inspection

makes sense

                                           While certain                                                           situations make a                                                   pre-listing inspection                                             undesirable, for most                                             sellers a pre-listing inspection offers too many benefits to ignore. It is a proactive step that puts you ahead of the curve, allowing you to see the path ahead of you much more clearly.

You can plan better, rest easier and possibly get a better price on your home.

**home inspection fees can be rebated to you upon finalization and fully completing the sale of the home via my representation.

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