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hard work

Sounds cliche but what is hard

work? What is hard work in real

estate? It's relative to the

agent, the property, the

expectations of the client, etc.

In my case, I've made an

internal commitment to myself

to make sure that there is no way your home doesn't sell or that the home you wanted to buy doesn't get found due to my lack of effort.

Like the picture

suggests, if you are

looking for someone

who is willing to fight

and hustle hard for

you, then search no


This is why I have an ASG (Accountability Services Guarantee) for sellers that promises to show the leg work with all services such as calling, doorknocking, open housing,  money spent, time spent, research spent on the competition etc.  My clients need and want the service that was promised and will be delivered.

I can only be as

honest as possible

and let you know that

I'm on a mission to

win over the hearts

and minds of as many

clients, as I can, to further their journey and mine to our mutual goals of satisfaction and happiness.

Not to beat a dead horse but I will outwork anyone for you but I can't outwork an overly high asking price, that I can't do.

Hard work, effort, and ethics won't be your concern with me, I promise you that.

Anderson Silva Kick
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