exclusive listings


So what's the point of an

exclusive listing? First off it is

optional, but let's discuss.

First off, let's define it.

An exclusive listing means

that your salesperson or broker

will be marketing the home on your behalf, without posting it on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). All prospective buyers will be referred directly through your representative or their brokerage.

The sale of your home may have less visibility to other real estate professionals and prospective buyers compared to listings marketed on the MLS, you will have more control over who sees your home.

 So how do I plan on using exclusive listings to your and my advantage?

Let's discuss that. 

On my end, I'm getting your marketing materials made and customized for you, I'm getting the marketing videos done, photography done, open house materials completed.

On your end, the house is being cleaned and prepped, possibly staged, the listing date is being agreed upon and the accountability service guarantee to sell your home...the greatest personal financial investment of your life is drafted up and customized to sell your home and minimize as much inconvenience as possible.

It's not totally

for the purpose

of trying to sell

your home


That can only

happen if said

buyers offer a

fair or elevated

market value

offer. It's

actually to get

the buzz out

there, the

curiosity, the

hype, the


about this

great property

that's coming

to the open


Is there a great commission offer as well attached to being an exclusive offer with me? Of course, there is. 

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