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Sign up for my e-newsletter that will update you on the latest information and give you some great tips.

I promise you it will be short, informative and

will be worth your while

for simply opening it.

There will be a monthly contest

attached to the e-newsletter

that will give away various

prizes. Now, I'm not giving

away tvs, or cellphones, etc.

This is for simple fun's sake and for having the patience for opening the email amongst the sea of emails that we                              all get. C'mon now, all you have to do is                                simply open an email! 


                          And guess what? You can increase your                                chances by 2x by actually replying to them

                          if that particular contest requires

                          it! It's simple. Click on

e-newsletter contact below link and put

e-newsletter in the message box and you

will get it.

If you don't have my email address

white-listed, then you won't receive the

monthly info.

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