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corporate plus club business info

See the benefits below and consider advertising your business. It's a win-win scenario that you can only benefit from.


What does the card offer the business clients who use it? Basically discounts to the services or products that said business has and is exclusive to that business and that business alone upon presentation of the card.


The discount % is dictated by each business. Every business gets one free complimentary card to use as well. 

But imagine this? If people don't use the card, at the very minimum, they will constantly be reminded about the business. Isn't that what every business wants?

The Corporate+Club card gives you access to a program of tremendous value. It is not a gift card, or a credit card, or a loaded card. It is a membership card that allows you to save an unlimited amount of money for as long as your membership lasts.

Members will have full and free access to a discount club which normally costs $49.99 per calendar year, and in which they can save hundreds of dollars on hotels, movies, car rentals, entertainment, computers, laptops, flower delivery, spas, and more. These are just a few current offerings above.

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