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client after care

What I would like to do for my

clients after the transaction is

simply keep them as informed

as possible of the value of their

home and equity growth as

time goes by.

1.  I will give them 2 CMA (comparative market       analysis) a year in their neighbourhood.

2. They get a CPC card from me

    to save on for their entertain-

    ment and retail shopping

    expenses where they can.

3.  Check-ins to make sure they sure ok and             doing well.

4.  Any referral or help they need with home           related services, I am here for that if                   needed.

5.  Annual home closing gift as a thank you for       their trust in me for letting me assist them.


6.  A free yearly subscription to

     the Toronto Life Magazine

     to stay up to date on all of the

     great things that is happening

     in the GTA. 

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